Mama’s Chicken Fried Steak

This is by far one of my favorite recipes. One that’s been in my family for years and has literally taken me years to perfect. It’s simple but time consuming at the same time and the rewards are heavenly! My husband and son’s absolute favorite dinner! Most of my recipes, you will find rely heavily on your senses. Taste and smell are huge with this one (smell because you can’t really taste the flour lol). The biggest trick to making the perfect chicken fried steak is the temperature of the oil. This is what literally took me years to get down. Keep in mind when I cook its for a large family with big appetites so portion sizes are larger than most.


6- cubed beef steaks

7- large eggs

6 cups flour (you may need more depending on your battering)

Vegetable oil- enough to coat the bottom of your pan/skillet (about 1/4-1/2″)

Garlic salt (I like to use Lawry’s Garlic salt with parsley flakes)



Onion salt

8- Russet potatoes

1/4-1/2 cup milk

2 tbsp. butter

1/2 cup sour cream

2 packets of Country Gravy mix (I just follow the directions right from the packet for the gravy)


  1. Pour oil into pan/skillet, turn on high or if using an electric skillet like I do turn it to 300. While that’s heating peel the potatoes, dice them and place them into a large pot with water to boil. As soon as that is finished pour your flour into a large mixing bowl, mix in all your seasonings. You want it to smell pretty strong because the batter and frying will dilute it down a bit during cooking. Once you’ve got that where you want it get another medium mixing bowl to crack your eggs into. You want both the white and yolks, mix those like you would scrambled eggs. By now your oil should be at the correct temperature to start frying.
  2. To batter your cube steaks take either tongs or I usually use a fork, dip the steak in the eggs first get a nice even coat on both sides, then dunk it in the flour mixture. Make sure you get a nice even coat on it and repeat once more, egg then flour. If you’ve got you’re pan on high turn it down a bit, if you’re using a skillet I turn it down to 250. Then put it in your pan/skillet. Now repeat that with the remaining 5 steaks.
  3. Usually by the time I get done with battering the steaks its about time to check on the potatoes. Just take a fork and poke them to see  how tender they are. If they crumble they’re ready. At this point you can start getting the gravy ready. I use a medium saucepan and just follow the step by step instructions they have right on the packet.
  4. Time to flip your steaks! Tongs work great for this if you have them, if not just use a fork. Flip them and put the lid back on.
  5. Your potatoes should be about done at this point so get your strainer out. Once you’ve drained the potatoes it’ll be time to mash. I normally just put them back in the pan to mash them. This is where you will add the milk, butter and sour cream. Mash them to your ideal consistency.
  6. At this point your steaks should be about done, I like to let them cook for a minute or so without the lid on so they aren’t soggy. Turn off your skillet, place them on a dish with mashed potatoes and topped with delicious gravy and you’ve got yourself a delicious home cooked meal!batter boilingpotatoes chickenfriedsteak frying

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I'm a happily married mother of 3. My husband and I have been together for 8 years now, he's a disabled Veteran of the USMC. We've got 3 beautiful children together, my son Hunter is 6, my daughter Ry is 5 and our youngest daughter Kodi is 2. I was never much into cooking until my husband and I got married, then it was a slowly and scary process lol! Its taken several years and many failed attempts but I'm finally comfortable cooking big meals, experimenting with recipes, and even having guests! Here I plan on sharing some of those so that others who may have been in my boat might have it a little easier ;) Cooking really isn't that hard and it really is enjoyable once you get the hang of it!